About Us

In 1957 my father Elwood Buster, better known as just “Buster” to everyone, bought Speedometer Service Co. in Colorado Springs from his boss Glen Huckabee.

In 1959, a then high school student named Tom Nixon came to work for the company. At that time speedometer repair was all that the shop offered. As the new fangled alternator came out in the early 1960’s Buster saw a new area to expand the business, since he had been a rebuilder of starters and generators in the past he decided to add this to the business, because someone needed to be able to repair these new alternators.

My father trained Tom Nixon in the repair of speedometers, starters, alternators and generators. I joined the company full-time in 1982 after graduating high school. My father passed on in 1989 at the age of 73. He didn’t know the meaning of the word retire and worked a full day on the day he left us. I

In 2000 we were joined by Steve Butler. Then, in 2004 Tom Nixon decided to retire after 45 years with the company.

Steve and I run the shop today but Tommy still comes in to lend his expertise when needed.

Thanks for taking a little of your time to read about our shop.
Elwood Buster II

Elwood Buster working on an old car
Left to Right: Thom Jamison, Gill, Elwood “Buster”
Speedometer Service Ad photo