We have moved!

We are now located at:

6916 Maram Way, Fountain, CO 80817

The building on Kiowa St. has been sold and we are only servicing and rebuilding speedometers, tachometers, speedometer and tachometer cables and related items.

Please give us a call before you visit the new location!


Speedometer And Tachometer Repair & Restoration

Vintage Speedometer serviced by Speedometer Service

Speedometer Repair

Ship Us Your Part For Repair

We know how difficult it can be to find parts for your classic car or people who will work on the old stuff. You can ship your speedometer, tachometer, or speedometer cable to us and we will repair it and ship it back.


Speedometer Repair/Rebuild


Tachometer Repair/Rebuild


Speedometer Cables

Your One-Stop Shop For
Speedometer and Tachometer Repair

At Speedometer and Alternator Service Company in Colorado Springs we have been your go-to shop for speedometer and tachometer repair and rebuilding since 1957. From classic cars and trucks to hot rods and custom cars, we have the parts and know-how to get the job done. We are a small, family-owned repair shop.

We offer quality work, FAIR prices, and we value our reputation. Send that broken speedometer, tachometer, or speedometer cable today and you’ll see why we’re a great choice to get you moving!

We’ve Been In Business Since 1957!

We are a small, family-run business in Colorado Springs. Our only focus is repairing and rebuilding speedometers and tachometers. This is all we do and we’ve been taking care or our customer’s needs since 1957. 

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Speedometer Service Company

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