Speedometer and Alternator Service Co.

We offer repair of mechanical domestic speedometers and tachometers from these manufacturers:

AC, Stewart Warner, King Seeley, Autolite.

Custom speedometer cables, cable and housing assembly made to your specifications. Building a hot rod or custom? Just tell us the length of speedometer cable you need and what speedometer and transmission you have and we will make it up for you.
Heavy equipment, industrial or over the road trucks? We can also make those speedometer cables up for you.

Need your speedometer calibrated due to tire size or rear end gear changes?  Just getting that hot rod finished and need it dialed in? We can calibrate the speedometer with a transmission gear change or if needed a speedometer ratio adapter.

We are also proud to carry Classic Speed®. Classic Speed® is a GPS based speedometer drive unit that lets you keep your original cable driven speedometer and offers one time speedometer calibration no matter the tire size or rear end ratio change. The expense of calibration is far less than a speeding ticket fine and an increase of your insurance rates.    

We do not repair electric speedometers but we can get exchange instrument clusters or have yours repaired off site.

Just email or call us with your needs and we will do our best to get you taken care of.

Speedometer and Alternator Service Co.
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Speedometer Repair Services