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Classic Speed®​ INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

Classic Speed® 
Classic Speed® is a GPS interface that tracks 22 satellites on 66 channels and signals a motor-driven drive unit to run your cable-driven speedometer. If Classic Speed® loses satellite triangulation signal, an algorithm continues to drive the speedometer based on the average speed of the last few seconds. Installation is available here at the shop or you can follow the complete instructions included. It was developed by Brian and Pam Induni of Classic Automotive Innovations, and has been thoroughly field tested. The cost is $275.00 plus shipping. Let's be honest, while the current GPS and electric speedometers look nice, they just don't fit in to some traditional builds appearance wise. Now you can keep that original stock or traditional looking speedometer that you searched the swap meets and internet to find, and not have to worry about speedometer calibration again. Classic Speed® is also perfect for T5 transmission conversions where a mechanical speedometer drive is not available.
My shop Speedometer and Alternator Service is now part of Classic Automotive Innovations' Partner program. 
If you would like to purchase a Classic Speed® unit, please contact me at:
(719) 632-3165 or email rusty@speedoservice.com Or from our contact page.
Classic Speed® is a compact 6"x3'' and comes with the unit itself, calibration dongle, GPS antenna, and plenty of cable for the antenna to mount on the dash. Please don't hesitate to contact me, Rusty, at Speedometer and Alternator Service for more information.